Gelicious Four Years On

For an internet marketer such as myself it sure has been a long time between blog posts!  I confess to not taking very good care of my personal brand, but I have been taking very good care of my company’s brand, gelicious.

The last time I posted was the day I launched and oh my – what a fabulous ride it has been!

I remember the day I launched the website from my laptop, while sitting in bed late, late one night in 2011. Within half an hour I had my first sale, it was mind blowing and I have not looked back since.

From my days as a green entrepreneur launching her second lean start up, Gelicious Cosmetics now has an office based in the Southern Highlands of NSW, operations in Sydney, Hong Kong and London and a great little business that is becoming anything but little.

It hasn’t been without its difficulties, without some very poor decisions, some people I let down, without lessons to be learned both personally and as a company, but I would not have the journey any other way.

With so much having happened in the last 4 years I will tell you the two most important things I have learned in business:

1. Hire people better than you.
I had heard this said before, and so have you. But, it is a really, really difficult thing to do – especially when your company is your brainchild, your baby. Some people do this all their careers! It takes an absolute act of humility and the willingness to let go and trust the awesome people you hire to do an awesome job. But, when you do, you realise that the possibilities extend as you are freed up to further expand, develop and be a visionary.

2. That you are a mentor
You need to know a bit about me here. I ‘do’ fast really well. I think fast, I act fast and I am often still getting the words out when I have already moved onto the next thought. And I like to work alone. I have a lot of ideas all at once and I want to do them all now. So – tell a person like this they need to slow down and mentor others?

About 12 months ago my business coach pointed this out, and that in order to get the best out of people who are going to take more time to process to what is instinctive for me, I am going to have to go at their pace and nurture them to bring them along with me. Holy moly. That sure sounded like torture to me. She explained that what I lack in accuracy (fair comment), they will make up for – and I found she was right – and the business needs accuracy.

So I gave it a go, and I am very glad I did. I never considered myself a mentor but until I was prepared to slow down I was not getting the best out of others, more so, I could see they were relying on me too much for most things. It was quicker to ask me than to think a problem through. I can not tell you the agony of waiting for a staff member to come up with an answer I already know. But in doing so my team will build confidence and I am one step closer to running the business of people who love what they do rather than “Team Libby” and the outcome is so more than I can do on my own.

Combine this with my first point above and you are on a winning path.

I have to say I have changed. I am far more considered now (still instinctive and buzzing with ideas) but I know I can’t do that externally without scaring people. Even in my personal life I speak more slowly now, and run at a slower pace. And I like it 🙂


About Libby Malcolm

Libby Malcolm is an internet professional based in Sydney.
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