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Posts by Libby Malcolm about God and why I am so incredibly grateful to be a Christian.

Jesus prayed for Joy and then this happened…

Something has been bothering me this week from last week’s bible study. It is this sentence on p114 of the book “E100 Essential Jesus” by Whitney T Kuniholm where he describes John 17:13 this way: “..he prays that the disciples … Continue reading

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Anglicans just don’t ‘feel’ the spirit.. do they?

Last night I experienced the Spirit. Having grown up in a conservative and very genuine loving Christian family I can honestly say this isn’t something we Anglicans talk about (let alone experience actually believe really happens) very often. Continue reading

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A dark cloud over our sea change?

A darker side of the sea change has emerged and it is manners that have turned our little family’s attention toward home. Continue reading

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Why I became a Christian.

Why do people choose to follow Jesus? If you know me (or even if you don’t know me) and wonder what has drawn me to God, here’s why I chose to be a Christian. Continue reading

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